After passing out day

Frenchay Hospital, Bristol- July 2011.

The week before Christmas, 1974, an 18 year old RAF recruit ruptured his tendon ligament playing hockey. In the ensuing years, I waited for the day when the rupture would get so bad that I would not be able to walk and in the summer of 2011, the rupture finally tore wide and left me bed-ridden from July 9th until Sept, 20th. After a short respite, which lasted less than two weeks it tore open again, this time there was no chance of repairs -my fate had been sealed – family and friends were amazed at how phlegmatic I was, I never hit the panic button, I took it as calm as I could, why? I had waited for almost 35 years for something I knew would happen, what was there to panic about?

 The latest development is that on Monday 8th, April, I will be going to hospital for a leg brace. The wounded airman has become an invalid now. There are many things I had wanted to do which I will never get to do, but 34 1/2 years carrying an injury. I am not complaining; I am glad that the Lord allowed me the time to re-visit Scarborough for the last time.



 And that I had the pleasure of meeting and loving the lovely Faye in Canada.