Today’s blog will show the effects that somebody’s attempt to discredit my work were useless at best and futile in major ways. I cannot prove who did these things but I have a very good idea who did or if they did not, they were know who did. 
 The story goes back to a writing contest I was asked to enter in Sept 2012, after being asked to enter I viewed the other entrants and politely declined as I recognised some of the names as well known and respected authors.
 However, I was coaxed to enter. In the first week I was in the contest, the site was hit with a “Server Error” but in that case:-  why was I the only person affected? Of my stories why was it that the only one hit and deleted and was it the one leading the contest?  After re-entering the contest and regaining its position why did it get attacked again? A story came in for the last week and gained 274 reads per day for 9 days. Why is that odd? 274 is a peculiar figure, why not 275? Why for only 9 days? The answer lies with my story, those figures were enough to take the same story which got deleted out of the top 3 of the contest. How do I know this? After the story passed mine, it stopped its rise. Curious, winning would have been too blatant but why stop at 3rd, when 2nd was in sight?
 This story:- “The Lost Ship” is about to enter another contest with a real money prize not just a small contest on Facebook which bears little significance in the real world.
 In October of 2012, Chronicles of Mark Johnson book 1 won an award if you scroll down the page, you can see my book. This same person contacted to complain about me getting the award, naturally my friends contacted me to find out what was going on and after explaining the running feud which had gone on for months, they agreed this person had an axe to grind with me. 
 Why would they attack my award?
 I have little reputation to ruin. 
 Did they think they were entitled to some monetary recompense? I said at the time, they can have ALL the money I made from the book, to date that is less than $2.
 One theory is that after the FB contest, they realised I am the better writer and it is plain jealousy. I am not convinced of my own worth, yet.
 This is where the futility takes a really good line- their next tactic was to get a friend to trash my work on Goodreads. I have to admit this was futile beyond compare, why? I only learned about it from a friend who had been told about it by a friend of theirs; at the time we shared a common quarrel with a person. So, you see; I only got the news of Goodreads 3rd hand as I never go there. If they wish they can trash me on Book town/ Around the water cooler and Efiction magazine too, as I have profiles there 🙂 
 In November of 2012 I had my Yahoo email hacked; a friend in the USA contacted me and asked had I sent any emails to him? He was getting spam from a supposed account I had at Yahoo. After a short discourse, we decided it wasn’t from me (my friend knew that). The first question cleared any doubt, it was from a Spanish ID, I have never been to Spain nor do I know anybody in Spain. We couldn’t prove who was behind it, but we shared a common quarrel with one person and this person was trying to cause a bad feeling between us. My friends wanted me to get the police to trace the person and charge them with identity theft but I told them the police had better things to than chase after a prankster. I told them that this person may be silly enough to try and hack the account but they are not stupid enough to keep using the same ID which may be traced. Their motive was to put themselves at the centre of attention and to stop me from writing, by ignoring them I achieved my goal.
 The futility of this exercise:- while I had the Yahoo email, I rarely used it. I was thinking of closing it down anyway as it was getting jammed with spam, so by doing the hack, they did me a favour 🙂