Writer’s block DOES exist.

However, if you listen to published and paid writers they will repeat the phrase “It’s an excuse for laziness.” This shows nothing but bloody-minded arrogance in my view, sure once you get money for work or see book in shops or on shelves, you feel less under pressure. You have proof positive that people want to read your work but what about people like me, who do NOT have that assurance to bolster themselves. I am usually fortunate and suffer from a dearth of ideas which leads to a worry that I will miss a good idea.The awards shown here were awarded to me in October, 2012 by indiePENdents.or for Chronicles of Mark Johnson book 1, book 2 is in the opinion of my editor, Julia, far better its predecssor (Julia bought an original copy before she became my editor).


It is hard to think back to those days,I feel like a fraud or at best somebody who lied to themselves; today I feel the muse which has driven for the past two years has left. I have spent the last two and a half hours trying to think of a new ghost story; and failed miserably. Over the last two years, ghost stories have been my forte’; at the time of my injury I was able to write at least two a week and did so from July 2011 until October 20011.
I think part of the problem arises out of my desire to get book 2 of Chronicles edited, my wishes for its completion have taken my mind out of the writing mode. I have made many alterations to my original stories which appeared out of the gloom cast during that bleak October and now wonder if they will be finished as I am already so far behind my anticipated launch date. Our original plan was to launch book 2 with a back story to book 1, in the hopes that book 2 would help sell book 1 which has died since the award.

The big surprise to me, is my best selling book on Amazon is Holding Richmond which is an American Civil War/ Vampire crossover for an alternate history story. This started out as a failed attempt to enter a UK contest and has now out sold everything by a ratio of 2 to 1
Holding Richmond cover

A slight solace comes for me, my most popular story “The Old Church Ghosts” has not shown any signs of sales or interest since I re-wrote the ending for adult tastes. The previous child/ family ending was very popular and is in print in “A Spooky Fall Harvest.”