brendan-behan In the words of the Irish poet Brenda Behan (shown here) “The only bad publicity is your obituary.” Recently, Julia, my editor asked me to try and list the works I had done in the last two years to convince me that I was achieving something. I have done lots of short stories; many have been correlated into bigger works such as Chronicles of Mark Johnson alfinalcover <a and the ongoing Medieval story which I have retitled Elfenmere Rescued; at my last count there were over 150 short stories and only one story have I thrown away. Some stories like "The Old Church Ghosts did well, even though I didn't like them and others bummed because I liked them; the prime example bieng my award winning Chronicles of Mark Johnson series which sparked the discussion.
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Among the collections of writing, I was at the time writing two (now three) blogs; Julia was impressed at the amount of work I put in for the minimal return I get. In my view my blogs do NOT count; as I pointed out, almost every teen with a laptop/ pc or whatever they use, blogs or tweats so doing that does NOT count to me.

One line of thought says any writing is good for you, to an extent I do agree as it keeps you thinking. I like to use AutoCrit when I write; I find it better than Word because Word will correct your grammar errors but AutoCrit will only allow a certain word usage and the system is challenging to try and get the best writing.

I do not think my blogs are worth anything; my thinking reasons for this are many.
I ran on line erotica serial for over a month and put the book for sale with added pages; despite over 2,000 reads the book has not sold one copy.
The latest serialised story “Love of the sea” is going downhill big time.
Since I dropped out of writing erotica, my reads on the blogs have dropped from over 200 a day down to under 100 most days.