Sexual Explosions

This book was a mix of an idea which I had and a challenge from my friend Yezall Strongheart.

My idea was I thought in this day of enlightenment would a man be able to write erotica under his own name or would he have to adopt a female persona to get accepted in what is considered to be a female dominated arena. In one respect a reverse of George Eliot. Yezall challenged me to write an erotica book when we were on the German site Bookrix, the book gained a massive support on there with over 350 readers. Recently I put the story on my blog despite having over 2,000 people read it on lne, nobody bought a copy when I added the last 10 pages until last night, when I put it on a FB page run by a lady who said she loved a good sexy read.

This was intended to be the start of a series, which is why the story has an unusual ending. But, as nobody is interested, I will leave it at this point.

If you check my Amazon page you will note that I write under a few pen names, this is not to hide my identity; I feel a certain type of name lends itself to a genre – Al Place writes tough PI crime stories/ P A Canella writes more science based stories and Alan Place writes general works.