A good way to sell books is to get a person of note to endorse the book, but in this scenario WHAT is selling? Your book or their name?
Of course it does help if you can buy promotion or know somebody who has some connections too, but again WHAT is selling? Or do you care, as long as it sells?

I may not sell books but ONE thing I AM sure of, my books have had NO publicity man pushing them or NO named writer or actor endorse them. My books sell on my writing a good story and that matters to me, which is why I shunned the gravy train of mass sales tactics until Sexual Explosions. The idea was to try and draw readers to my work and it FAILED big time.

Over the months I have tried to sell a few ebooks, many points have recurred in viewing sales of other writers work. The main one being join the gravy train to succeed.
If you observe the books, sites and web pages; one thing is blatantly obvious and that is if you wish to sell books or ebooks you need to write either cheap sex stories, zombie stories, or fanfiction of some popular series. I am a good writer, so say I am a great writer but I will never sell books because I treat my few fans as thinking people not mindless morons fed on pulp.

Zombies:-We know the story; a town gets hit with a plague and then turns flesh eaters, there is usually a hero to rescue a few damsels in distress, but the basic scenario is the same mass killings of the undead. Only how they became zombies changes; I have seen a few zombie films and found them lacking in tension,

Night of the Comet

In the role of hero of the film was an actor well-known to Star Trek fans – Robert Beltram aka Chakotay.

This genre thrives and will always thrive despite the lack of originality because readers don’t like a challenging read.

Erotica:-This genre will always have its advocates and my own attempt to write in the genre proves my point successfully, when I was writing erotica my blog rating was over 200 hits for each story (more than the top 10 below the stories). In less than two months I had over 2,000 hits on those blogs alone. The cost was that it killed the rest of the blog and turned my blog into a cheap sex siteSexual Explosions

My best selling book on Amazon is an American Civil War/Vampire/ Alternate history crossover which has out sold all others 2 sales to 1. I do hope to write the follow up to Holding Richmond.Holding Richmond cover

The certificate and seal of approval at the top of the article were awarded in October 2012 by for Chronicles of Mark Johnson; since then the book has sold one copy and that was on Kobo In trying to be original in my ideas and treating the readers with the respect I feel they deserve,I paid the ultimate price. IF I had written fanfiction or zombie stories I could have sold ebooks by the score, instead I sold poorly despite being well read and liked by the friends I sent the books to. I feel that friends should not have to pay to read my stories, especially when nobody else will.

Bottom line here reads:-To sell join the mob and don’t try to be original