022 The picture shows me at Frenchay hospital in July of 2011 after my tendon ruptured.

The lack of writing yesterday was a culmination of events going back to my RAF days. Uniformed for passing out day 74 (1) I was playing hockey during the final week of basic training (10th – 17th Dec ’76’) and I turned quickly, I felt something tweak in my ankle but played on. That weekend at my parents house my ankle swelled up, but as it soon subsided I thought no more of it. Over the years, I had wondered when it was going to rupture again, especially as I suffer from EDS which means I have poor skin quality. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ehlers%E2%80%93Danlos_syndrome

In July, 2011 the tendon ruptured again, when it went I knew with my condition an operation was not in the options. The cast helped support the tendon until late Sept. The cast was removed but less than two weeks after taking the cast off, the tendon ruptured again and this time there was nothing to be done, physiotherapy did not help me.

In the winter of 2012 I was walking up the road from our house, when the left ankle gave way and I was thrown to the ground, fortunately my shoulder took the fall. down Shelley way Over the last two weeks it has being getting sorer by the day, some days like yesterday it is so bad I can hardly lift my arm without severe discomfort. I was so bad yesterday I thought about trying to work using only my right hand.

Another factor for a lack of writing is that I feel I am losing my way, with the massive amount of edits I need to do for book 2 of Chronicles, I am turning into an editor more than a multi-genre writer. I have decided to go back and try to vary my writing topics after book 2 is completed, hopefully this may re-charge my urge to write.