imagesCA3EEB2H In the latter part of last year I ran a serialised weekly story called “The Word” on my blog. The basic premise was about a group who were fighting to regain the minds of the populace from the Game Lords and turn the minds back to the Word. The serial ran for 14 weeks and I wrote about 18,000 words before I stopped writing it, the story didn’t die but the interest from the readers did, despite the high octane battle scenes and the various twists of the plot.
With book 2 of the Chronicles of Mark Johnson with my editor, in Seattle and time to relax for a few days before I do the next round of alterations, I have decided to re-touch this story and continue it on from the point I left the plot in January. After that, I have no idea what I may do with the story as it did have its fans. Imagine Mad Max meeting Farenheit 451 and you get an idea of the plots. But, I added my own twists to the story too.