Hopefully by the middle of next month, the new Mark Johnson book “The Descent of Mark Johnson” should be on sale, my editor is doing the final edits as I write this memo. We think this book is greater and scarier than its predecessor which won an ward in October 2012.

I have to warn you, this was written at a dark time for me and the darkness is the core of the story, as Mark fights for his soul against an evil sorceress, will he win? Read the book and find out. Here is a snippet from the beginning http://hereiamattheedge.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/the-descent-of-mark-johnson.html#.UXaJCqKG0W4 dreamstime_xs_10590938

Mark Johnson Returns (Book Cover) There are plans for a third book in the series, Mark will travel to the Deep South to challenge the sorceress in her realm and yes, as it will be based down there the story will have some zombies, I feel it wrong not to include them as the Louisiana area is steeped with tales of them, but this is NOT a zombie story.images (1)