I usually try to be non-controversial but today I am breaking my rule, Why?
I feel I need to explain something which bothers me and I realise this situation will make me unpopular with many people, but please read on and think to yourself. Is he right?

I am in favour of people making money and getting on, one of the best ways is to set up a company and find the areas your competition is not covering – economics 101. To this point I am with Smashwords, but from here things get to use an Abs term from NCIS – more than a little hinky.

About 18 months ago, everybody my friends going on that I should join Smashwords. “Okay, I will give it a try” I thought. The first thing I did was check the coverage area for sales potential and here my suspicions were more than aroused as Smashwords supplies to what the elder of the readers know as the “Soviet blok,” to the younger generation this term applies to countries formerly governed by the Russians, whose business was controlled by the KGB. The name may have changed and now they do business in the open but it is still the old ways running the business. Watch the Michael Caine film “Midnight in St. Petersburg.”

He is also supplying goods to the Far East which to me says triads and child pornography. Also he is supplying Scandinavia which would be Okay but who has sold anything to Finland or Sweden recently?

Putting aside the fact you need to read a 64 page manual to do the most basic task and the number of complaints of books being sold after being told to remove them by the author and the writer not getting a cent from sales.

Companies are regulated by laws and have overheads, while Amazon is far from perfect; we are paying a company, if you use Smashwords you line Mark Coker’s pocket not a company.
Ask yourselves how did one man get rich so quick in a worldwide recession? Where does his funding come from?

Outside dubious tactics and suspicious funding, I have no intention of joining Smashwords on a totally realistic basis – my blogs are not read by anybody in those areas, so why should I think I can sell goods?

I could be wrong about this, feel free to prove me wrong. These are just a few thoughts which came to mind 18 months ago, when I first heard about Smashwords and have remained strong. Each time I read on FB or LinkedIn about how people are getting taken by him, this re-enforces my original views.