Three years ago when I started on this journey, I had some small ideas and some larger plans. Most of the larger plans fell by the way side and the smaller plans came to flourish.
One of the big plans — foolish as it turned out to be — was to try and get a story in the Black Library collection along side the likes of Graham McNeil, Dan Abnett and James Swallow. Oh, what folly did I dream back then. Other less ambitious dreams included seeing a book of mine in a book store and going on a book tour. Not that the tour would happen, as I am too shy.

Lesser dreams have began to flourish in hope. These include selling enough e-books to make $10 a month, having a book which sold ten copies in one month and writing stories people liked to read.

When I started the “Forgestriker” the idea for “Sons of Baal” came from the Warhammer 40K series about a chapter of Supermarines called “Blood Angels.” The “Sons of Baal” had no recognised colours or markings, this allowed me to think of my own schemes. In the ranks of these Super heroes of the Empire, the lowest rank is a Scout. When I started the story, my idea was for a group of soldiers flying back to Baal to redeem their honour, after being considered cowards and deleted from the annals of warriors.<a
Sons of Baal Book Cover

It was only after I started writing that the idea of the Sons of Baal being stranded in dead space came to me. Though “Sons” hasn’t faired well in the sales, the two e-books after it in the series are doing well and
Forgestriker Pic 3

Return of the Lost, book 3 in the Forgestriker series
Return of the Lost, book 3 in the Forgestriker series