The Descent of Mark Johnson

History is set to repeat itself.

Last night I was working on edits for Chronicles book 2 (The Descent of Mark Johnson) — don’t ask me why — I didn’t realise until I went to close down that the edits I were doing were on book 3 (Mark Johnson Returns).

Three years ago, I was laid up because my tendon tore and left me bed-ridden. I was writing so much it became like a drug and I couldn’t stop. My friends feared I would have a breakdown if I didn’t take a break, so, they told me to take time off from writing.

I think the syndrome has returned because I was working on the story for an hour and never noticed the differences in the story. I should have been alerted by the length of the book first of all, but nothing clicked. Even the change in the story didn’t register with me.

The big difference this time is if I am not writing I get edgy, as I feel for some reason I am letting the readers down. Then I think “Nobody cares anyway,” but I still can’t sit still for long.

Mark Johnson Retuns