A Sailor's Love

In my opinion, over the last three years one thing is clear BIG BOOKS DON’T SELL this isn’t only my books. A study done in the USA in 2013 showed readers prefer a short book. I put the decline in length down to the dvd age and video games.

None of my larger volumes has sold either at Amazon or B&N. The only Pat Canella story which sold was “Ghosts of your past” the link between “The Dockland Murders” and the book I had started “Hunted Down.” Despite being an award winner “Chronicles of Mark Johnson” hasn’t sold in the 18 months since winning the award. “The Descent of Mark Johnson,” the following story hasn’t sold in the 9 months since I put it on sale and I fear “A Sailor’s Love” will suffer the same fate, a year in the writing and nothing to show.

On the other side, the stories I used to turn out in an afternoon — and still can if the mood takes me — thrive, as seen by the recent success of “Forgestriker” and the continuing sales of “Holding Richmond.”
Or, a I missing the obvious and it’s my stories which don’t sell, as I keep reading about book deals, film deals and the such among the reports of book sales in the hundreds when I am happy to sell 10 in a month 😥