Geez, It pisses me off and makes me so sick I want to give up writing. Today for once my books began to sell and because I told people in one group on LinkedIn about Draft2Digital and the good thing which befell me. I got accused by one man of being paid to promote the firm. I am NOT being paid by anybody other than buyers of books.

All I did was a thank you to people who helped me and try to spread a bit of good news. How do you think I feel having to read about the book deals, film deals, NYTimes best sellers and all the hundreds of times I read about the hundreds and thousands of book you sell.

HELL – Forgestriker only sold nine — WOW nine — copies. For once something good happened to me and I wanted to share a little happiness for once. Lesson learned, from here on I go my way and don’t help anybody else. Forgestriker Pic 3