Sons of Baal Book Cover

I have to admit the successful day yesterday, when seven copies of my e-books got sold blew me away.

Another aspect which blew me away is the continuing interest in my Sci-Fi series “Forgestriker.” This is caused by a number of things, not the least is the success of the story at Barnes & Noble. When I started out three years ago, I checked the store’s coverage and thought with most of the stores being in higher education establishments, nobody will be interested in Sci-Fi.” My thought was higher education meant time only for studying. Another thing which deterred me was with the higher education establishments, I admit to feeling over-awed and not to standard, and I was concerned my work would not be deemed readable.

One of the biggest surprises about the success is I thought it would fail, because I previously tried an on line serial which fell apart through lack of interest. I stopped the series, the series didn’t end.