A few weeks ago I finished a wonderful course run by a lady called Nina. The course at http://www.edityournovel.com/ was so well constructed I had no problems in the latter stages being ahead of the class % rate.

I admit when Julia, my editor, enrolled me and I saw the type of people on the course, I was more than a little concerned at my chance of completing the course. On the course were writers who had a sales record, people with college degrees and diplomas, and I thought “How can I compete against these?” In the early stages I did struggle to make headway but as we entered the second section I came into my forte’ as the others lagged. The early stages were about analysing your work but the second stage was about dialogue, and anybody who has read my work will tell you, my stories are dialogue driven.

One thing which kept me going was the knowledge that while I might be at the bottom of the pile, this fact meant I probably had the opportunity to gain more from the course.

Even before my mauling on the Bookrix, I had suffered an on line mauling from a tutor at Writers Bureau. He tore my work apart so badly I was on the point of giving up, had it not been for the support of my close friend Ruth, none of the good things which happened since would have happened. I owe Ruth and Julia so much, and to my shame, I will never be able to repay their kindness and support. I wanted to succeed as a way of thanking them, more than for personal gain or ego boost.

The irony of this story is that despite the mauling he gave me, my work is selling better than his. Mind, titling a book sheep isn’t going to help your chances of success, nor is trying to get your book printed by asking publishers for over 25 years.