Lac La Biche, Alberta, Canada
Lac La Biche, Alberta, Canada

While Holding Richmond is the best seller and the new hot hit is Forgestriker, in the background is my most consistent seller and highest ranked book on Amazon , a story of two men trapped in a stalling plane over the Canadian ice fields, and having to rely on their spiritual beliefs as much as the pilot’s flying ability to get to Lac La Biche airport.

I call this The Comeback Book as it has been on and off the shelf many times, yet still sells more regularly than any other book.
This is the only book which has received a 5 star rating on Amazon, and this lead to an incident on the German site Bookrix. I put the news of the rating on the page of a group I was in, and before I could blink, the news had not only been accidentally deleted but I was kicked out of the group. The reason for these actions is simple, one of the ladies running the group hated me, because she saw I had more talent than her and she couldn’t face the truth. Her books and those of her friends get lots of 5 star ratings From each other and she couldn’t stand the fact I had one from somebody I didn’t know. This went against all the barbs and insults she threw at me, and proved her judgement to be faulty.

The picture is one I took on my last visit to Canada, it shows Lac La Biche on the evening of Nov, 11th 2009. This was the last night I spent with my lovely friend Faye Dupre’ as she died less than a month later.Faye

I wrote a follow up story called “Glacier of Death” which starts at the end of Nerja, again based in Northern Canada, this time around Yellowknife oil depot Book cover (1)