A Sailor's Love

I realise to many writers what I am going to say may seem trite, but please remember “A Sailor’s Love” is by far my largest tome, surpassing both Mark Johnson books combined. I spent over a year sat at my laptop writing the work — and enjoyed it, most of the time — but when all you see are numbers of pages on a screen, the volume doesn’t sink in, until…

Today, I printed the book out for my close friend Ruth, and the number of pages hit me. There in my hand was over 75 pages of A4 writing, my thoughts ran to ‘Perhaps with this length, I should turn it into a paperback.’ And, then reality hit in and said “Whoa there boy! You haven’t sold any e-books and you’re branching out. Take the time to smell the coffee.”

The wish was always to have a book of mine on a shelf in a store, but if nobody is willing to part with nickels or dimes for works, I cannot see them spending hard dollars on my books.