In this day of Harry Potter and CGI is there room for the old-fashioned ghost story?

Over the past three years, I have made a rep as a writer of ghost stories of various types. My next project is called “The Rise of the Prospero.” This is a fictional story based on the life of the real Yorkshire pirate John Andrew, and follows on from my story “The Lost Ship.” “The Lost Ship” came third in a Facebook writing contest two years ago. Prospero will be a chance for me, the story will be a horror ghost story, most of my early ghost stories were about lost souls trying to cross over and in recent time “A Sailor’s Love” was a romance.
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The rise of Harry Potter and the vast world of CGI makes me wonder, is there room in the modern world for the likes of stories by M.R.James, Sheridan Le Fanu or Edgar Allan Poe, or are we too advanced?