The story behind this story is a story of possession and a book plagued by misfortune — did it want to be written? — was it telling me something? I leave the decision to you, I will tell you the story’s history and leave the floor open.

Eighteen months ago during a good spell for the series, I started to write what was the third — now the fourth — Pat Canella story “Hunted Down.”1227,xitefun-jill-hennessy-3

From the beginning it was plagued by misfortunes. I was going through a spell when I didn’t wish to write — even now with recent sales I get these spells — and it took me over a month to do what I would previously have completed in a week.
It was at this time, misfortunes struck one after the other. I started having bad dreams about the story, and one night while trying to stop my laptop from crashing through lack of disc space, I deleted the first 17 pages. You can imagine how I felt, a month’s work gone. Fortunately, I had sent it to some friends to read and retrieved over half of the lost pages. Later on, when I put it on Amazon I found I had loaded the wrong file and the last 12 pages were missing.

This month I am returning to the book to edit the story and hopefully release it again, properly edited. The reason it is now a fourth book is I split the opening book into separate stories. “Ghosts of your Past” is the link book, it contains the first section of what was “Hunted Down.”

Books in the series:-
Dockland Murders
Back from Ohandsworth
Ghosts of your past
Patti cover04stew_650 (1)New Ghosts cover

I started a book about Bill Chart, the bad cop in the original story — or was he? — this was to be his story.Bill Chart 2

I have yet to decide where to go with the story, a lot depends on your reaction.