A Sailor's Love

Among the many great writers of our time, some have been diagnosed, or suspected as being bipolar because of violent mood swings. For a time, friends thought I was bipolar too. But having viewed the symptoms on a website, I can say I am not, I only have half of the symptoms, and I feel most of us have some of the effects.

My mood swings are caused by the joy of a sale of an e-book. After years of reading about NY Times best sellers, book deals, film deals and mass sales, what at first lead me on in hope became a daily torment to a writer struggling to sell a few e-books a month. I know I will never get a deal, or a best seller, but I don’t need it shoved down my throat every time I go on line.

If you think my decision to stop blogging at the end of the month is a a sudden impulse — you couldn’t be more wrong — I have considered the option for almost eighteen months now, it wasn’t an “IF,” it was a “WHEN.”

I am sorry if my blogs are not exciting, my life consists of very little action, as I am disabled and on low income. I get up, write, eat, watch some dvds, write, eat, write, chat to a friend on Skype, then do some more writing and go to bed.

My last book “A Sailor’s Love” took over a year to write, and for what price?
I enjoyed writing the story and could have gone on longer, but with the prospect of few sales, I decided to curtail the ending. I will continue writing so keep a check on this page https://hereiamattheedge.wordpress.com/new-releases/ If you are wondering why I said last, rather than latest, that is because unless the books sells a few copies I won’t be devoting much time to another major project. After the failure of my award winning “Chronicles of Mark Johnson https://www.draft2digital.com/book/32117,” I feel it is time to do the short stories which people buy. To give you some idea of the time I spent on my books, this month is the first time in almost three years, when I haven’t been working on a major work. I don’t know if I want to go on this path again. There is a debate in writing circles, is it better to write short stories for a quick gratification and some much needed cash, or write a bigger tome, and hope it pays off?

From my PoV, it is better to write short stories. I may not get much but I get something for my time, and that is what is was about for me, I enjoy telling stories and your thanks was buying a book. All I ever wanted was a few dollars as thanks for the time I spent.