When I set out on this journey to be a writer I had some goals, which to me where precious. Mainly because I had lived with these hopes since childhood and hoped to fulfil at least some of them.The main goal was to see a book of mine on a shelf in a book store.books

Time has changed how we do things and the e-book revolution means on line libraries have become the home of books. I still hold hopes that one day I will see this dream to a reality, as my book “A Sailor’s Love” might be published by http://www.dreamworldspub.org.uk/home.html which is a small publishers run by my friend Jan Hawke in Launceston, Devon, England. The book at the moment is being evaluated for the opportunity to receive the same award “Chronicles of Mark Johnson” did two years ago http://indiependents.org/indie-seal-books-1-50.html seal ASL is also involved in a friendly challenge between my editor Julia and I. We decided to pit my book against that of our late friend and founder of indiePENents.org, Jasha Levi. Jasha’s book will be helped by Julia’s prose, while my book will have the assistance of my Circus caller approach of being dramatic https://hereiamattheedge.wordpress.com/2014/03/14/hear-ye-hear-ye/

After a lifetime’s dream slowly drifted into oblivion as life’s demands took over. I had the misfortune to tear my left tendon three year ago, this injury left me disabled, and finally presented me with the chance to try and write.
One of my goals was to try and get a book in the Warhammer library, along with writers like Graham McNeil, Dan Abnett and James Swallow, when I asked for information, I was told the firm don’t do print almanacs, but they do on line versions. “Okay,” I thought, “I can live with that idea.” and from there I found the story of a chapter of soldiers called “Sons of Baal” who had no official uniform or history, this became my story of the same title https://www.draft2digital.com/book/32173 Sons of Baal Book Cover At this point things changed, I realised the futility of my wish to get in the Black Library catalogue 18_05 I wrote the story as the starting of the popular “Forgestriker” series. Years later, I realised I would not have been able to write for the Warhammer books, their characters and weapons have known abilities which leave little or no room for my writing to expand.

I downsized from what I would have liked, to what I think is achievable in order to achieve some goals and thereby keep myself moving forward with my work. Rather than think I was trying to reach an impossible goal, as each new target is reached I raise the bar a little. For now, the bar is set at another two 10 sale months, and another $10 month.A Sailor's Love https://www.draft2digital.com/book/34522