With two e-books as runaway success stories, you would think I should be happy but I feel discontented and empty with these runaway successes. Why?

The runaway success on Amazon is Holding Richmond, and on Draft2Digital the runaway success is Forgestriker.
Holding Richmond coverForgestriker Pic 3
The reasons for my feelings of discontent amid success are that despite these successes, none of the glory has passed onto other e-books. Over 60% of my sales are shared by these two books. Very few other sales have come on Amazon, and only a smattering on D2D.
Another reason I feel discontented is that I think I shall be promoting an award winning e-book in the coming months — which nobody wants to buy — as “A Sailors’ Love” looks set to emulate the success of “Chronicles of Mark Johnson” and win a seal of excellence from indiePENdents.org. Why do I think ASL will not sell? A recent survey in the USA showed readers prefer short reads and this is borne out by my runaway successes. From October 2012 — when I received the award — until the middle of 2013 I promoted Chronicles every week, I promoted the book so much I became sick of the sight of my creation. My favourite story now made me sick, and the same fate I see ahead for ASL. I spent over a year writing it, there were people who said “Tell me when it comes out, and I’ll buy a copy.” I must have been crazy to believe them, after all the times I had heard it in the past three years, but these were people I called friends. The book has been on sale for almost thee months and the only copy sold is the one I paid my editor to buy, so the group could evaluate the story.
Runaway successes don’t always bring happiness, they help promote themselves at the expense of other works.

Although Forgestriker https://www.draft2digital.com/book/32492 is eight sales behind Holding Richmond https://www.draft2digital.com/book/32128 you have to take into account HR has been on Amazon over two years, and Forge has only been on D2D less than two months. In anyone’s books 17 in 7 weeks trumps 24 in over 2 years.