The quote is from Rudyard Kipling’s “A Smuggler’s Song.”
I’m passed caring
I’ve heard it before
 Over my time on line I’ve read the same comments, and had the same feedback so often- I no longer put any meaning to the words. I’m talking about people who say I must look your stories up, or Where can I buy your books? 
 In the beginning, I used to get excited when people said that to me, now, after four years of reading the same thing, and getting no sales- I don’t take any more notice of it than you do of my posts.
Is it a joke, do they get off on trying to excite me for no reason? Who can tell? I don’t care anymore.
 I keep getting invited to link up with people’s internet connections, quite frankly if my countless Twitter followers do nothing for me, what do you think joining your Facebook, Instagram, or whatever other web feature you’re on is going to do. Yes- I have no faith in the internet beyond contact with a few close friends, and the sales of my books on 
Crowd sourcing
 In the last year I have been approached by many firms purporting to wanting to promote my books, most are at best money pits, and at worst scams. The idea of crowd sourcing is the author gets people to donate $1 to his fund, then at a certain level of interest – usually $1,000 – the firm will pitch in to promote your work. At this point, the firm has done nothing. From here on, the writer is at the mercy of the promoter, true, they have the contacts, but surely the writer knows more about his/her work than any firm.
If the book succeeds, the business takes the credit and glory. If the book bombs, the company loses nothing, and the writer has to repay the money lent. How does that work for you? For me, it stinks. You can read my article for here
Indie Author
The firms which contacted me? None had anything to contribute to my success. I am, and always will be an Indie Author. Not having the funds will mean I will struggle to sell, but at least I can control the significant aspects of my work. I have read many horrific reports of good books being ruined by either bad covers forced on the writer, over pricing by the publishers killing sales, or plain bad promoting. All this reinforces my belief that the best thing for my work is for me to remain Independent.
One of the firms which “offered help,” was in the USA. They said they would run TV promotions, book tours, and assorted promotions for me. I wondered what possible value I could see in this development? I write mainly Science Fiction, Spiritual stories, and occasionally autobiographic stories. The firm was into promoting good will for teenagers.The cost was $1,750 up front, that is before I get to the USA, add to that my travel/ living expenses while I’m there, and how do you expect me to break even?
 It is a heartbreaking, and usually thankless vocation being a writer. People talk about getting reviews, of the over 400 e-books I’ve sold in the four years I’ve been on line. If I got a dozen comments, I exaggerate. To give you an idea of my work here is another post