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Self Publishing

There is no disgrace in being self-published – many major writers are turning to SP – one of the advantages is you cut the middle man out, and take a larger portion of your earnings.

My dream was to have a book on a shelf in our local bookstore and to be published a publishing house. To this end, I have contacted various minor US publishers about the possibility of publishing my award-winning e-book Chronicles of Mark Johnson. All to no avail. 


The only person interested was the Vancouver-based Abandoned Towers, who in 2012 agreed to publish the stories online. I was asked to edit the files and then they’d be accepted, in a serious error of judgement, I sent the files to somebody I thought was helping me – she did nothing and I sent back the same files I had returned to me. I lost my only chance of publication through someone else’s jealousy.

Ghost Pines Publishing

My latest venture into the unknown is to send a query letter to Ghost Pines Publishing House, a few miles south of DenverColorado. I may hear from them by the end of January, but I expect another rejection slip. I’d be more surprised to be accepted.

Chronicles of Mark Johnson

Both of the Mark Johnson stories will be unavailable after today. I checked the files last night and with my growing ability as a writer/editor I found errors that needed attention, but as the books never sold it will be easier to discard them for all time.