AlPlace I was born in Middlesbrough — which was in North Yorkshire at the time, and to me it always will be — and lived there until my parents moved in the winter of 1963.

The area around Scarborough holds many memories for me; I was fortunate enough to have one last visit before my tendon injury in 2011, which has left me disabled. I use the area around Scarborough as the focal point in many of my stories. From the early ghost stories of and — to the award winning and its sequel, which is being re-edited in March 2014 and on to my latest book .

I am not an overly religious person, but I do believe in the world of spirits, which to many friends explains why I write good ghost stories. My third story is by far the most popular I wrote — even if I didn’t like it — and has an interesting history. I recently brought out a special edition volume featuring the three versions of the book, one of which had not been previously generally seen .

Spirituality features in a lot of my work but don’t worry I don’t try to force my beliefs on you. Writing 101 — Do NOT preach — I prefer to challenge the readers with an interesting story and to date although I haven’t sold many, I am still liked for my variety of work.

I am a disabled Indie author and intend to stay Indie. I have read stories of how writers got lumbered with designers whose covers had little to do with their writing and others who got roped into contracts where the publishers charge too much and kill the chances of sales.
Being Indie may stifle my chances of sales but I remain in control. I did have the chance of a contract in 2012, but I turned it down while I don’t object to erotica — I write some from time to time — I do draw the line. And, while I do push the limits with my writing to try and expand my market value, there are some lines I will NEVER cross no matter what sells.

If you read my work, the one thing I hope you can gather from it is that no matter how erotic or sexual the love making gets. It is love making and at all times, the men respect the ladies wishes. Yes, I am old-fashioned and proud of the fact. One friend complimented me by saying I was like a dinosaur, as my type are almost extinct. Another lady I knew told you I was like a diamond in a field of coal.

Unlike others, I class myself as a writer. I don’t like to be classed by genre, although I am known for Gothic horror and ghost stories, I have also written children’s stories and the latest craze Sci-Fi.

This offer was to write erotica, but the company said that other than breaking the law anything and everything was viable, and that turned my stomach. In context “tough love” can be arousing, I draw the line at drawing blood to arouse passionate feelings – where would that end? Besides, I don’t mind being known as a writer who writes erotica but I do object to being known as an erotica writer, the difference is one writes erotica as part of the whole, and the other writes only erotica. Being honest, I still question my decision and sometimes wonder — what if I had taken the contract up? One friend did accept their offer and told me; she sells more by herself than from the site.

This year, I again refused an offer to write for a magazine, this time all I would be doing is boosting the work of other people, my work, and reputation as a writer would have gained nothing – if anything, I saw the work on that site as damaging.