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To introduce the page let me say this is NOT a book blog page, the intention is to show you what goes on while I am writing the story, and to give you an idea of where the stories come from. However, if you do find yourself so interested you wish to buy the books, I won’t stop you 🙂

The Ghost of St. Mary’s

DSC00100 My first story was about a mystery I came across during my last trip to Scarborough in 2010. On the edge of North Bay, there are some platelets of rock called the Betty Moffat rocks. I was intrigued to know why they had been so-named as most rock formations are not usually named after a person. In the church of St.Mary’s, which overlooks the bay area there is a tiny grave with a broken marker, this sad sight triggered my story and in October of 2013 my version of the story sold 3 copies on Amazon – the story was published in an anthology the year before. https://www.draft2digital.com/book/32452

The Rocking Lantern

My second ghost story, like the one before it was written after my trip to Scarborough in 2010. The story centres around a greedy captain and a rocking lantern. My story is fiction but the lifeboat disaster at the end is documented fact. The Rocking Lantern book cover (1) https://www.draft2digital.com/book/32456