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Zombies are here

Where are they now?

The big hoax

Three years ago, there was the largest publicity stunt in living memory – an ironic phrase.


Writers from everywhere were writing about the end of the world, the Mayan Calender stone and a zombie apocalypse – here we are three years on and still rolling.

What happened to all the writers who made a mint that year?
They’re no better off than me, one reason I never follow a trend.

Book cover image

Nobody sent me money when the panic was on about the end of the world -three years ago. It’s coming to the end of 2015, and we’ve moved on I guess all those rich folk from 2012 are looking for the next cash cow to milk.


The right choice

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In the last two years, I have constantly tried to second guess myself about a decision I made to turn down a contract to write for Horny Devil. I had many reasons running through my mind, not the least is I didn’t like their tenant where anything legal is good – I have boundaries and won’t cross them.

Sexual Explosions

Another reason is my friend Yezall says she made more from selling her work than she did from their sales, and she’s a good writer.

Why I know it was the right decision is because I checked the site today, despite access to the front page, there are no links to any section. Whether they were closed for practices considered highly dubious or because writers gave up on them is open to debate.

FREE samples

From time to time, you can get a sample of a new book I’m working on, on this page


Dark Fantasy

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Self Publishing

There is no disgrace in being self-published – many major writers are turning to SP – one of the advantages is you cut the middle man out, and take a larger portion of your earnings.

My dream was to have a book on a shelf in our local bookstore and to be published a publishing house. To this end, I have contacted various minor US publishers about the possibility of publishing my award-winning e-book Chronicles of Mark Johnson. All to no avail. 


The only person interested was the Vancouver-based Abandoned Towers, who in 2012 agreed to publish the stories online. I was asked to edit the files and then they’d be accepted, in a serious error of judgement, I sent the files to somebody I thought was helping me – she did nothing and I sent back the same files I had returned to me. I lost my only chance of publication through someone else’s jealousy.

Ghost Pines Publishing

My latest venture into the unknown is to send a query letter to Ghost Pines Publishing House, a few miles south of DenverColorado. I may hear from them by the end of January, but I expect another rejection slip. I’d be more surprised to be accepted.

Chronicles of Mark Johnson

Both of the Mark Johnson stories will be unavailable after today. I checked the files last night and with my growing ability as a writer/editor I found errors that needed attention, but as the books never sold it will be easier to discard them for all time.

Winning isn’t everything

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Being an award winner isn’t everything it’s made up to be. The big change it made in my life it made was to make me more insecure about the quality of my work.


Three years on, and I still struggle with my demons. The sales of my award-winning e-book Chronicles of Mark Johnson have not been forthcoming in the three years since the award from


On line writing jobs

#philosophy #finance #amwriting

A new philosophy

In the past, my philosophy was not to write about something that might damage my reputation as an award-winning writer, this meant turning down lucrative work writing reviews for things I hadn’t used or places I hadn’t visited.

I came to the conclusion that many online writing jobs are either scams or work worthy of my time and talent as a writer. However, the time has come to throw my talent out and try to get some money from writing.

My code of ethics wouldn’t allow me to lie to earn money, at the end of the day I need to look in the mirror and live with the knowledge I earned my wages.


All that is changing – my moral code has had me turn down a contract, and I think that will be the only offer I’ll get.

Last year, I turned down an offer from a lawyer in California to write false reviews. I’ve been offered work by many Asian to write items ranging from sex stories to articles about online gambling.

I decided next year to throw my ethics to the wind. I have never used sexual imagery to sell my e-books but next year I will be doing this.

One of the major issues I had to contend with is could I live with myself after doing these things until now the answer to the question is no. Next year, I won’t worry about that, all I’ll think about is the money in my pocket. The reason for the change is that I can earn three months wages with one article – I may be considered a bestseller by my friends, but all I earn is the pitiful sum of $7 a month (on a good month) with my writing at the moment.

Tarnished reputation

I used to be worried about my reputation and the harm writing these falsehoods could do to my work, but let’s be honest, I don’t have a reputation to get tarnished. I have one selling book out of forty-nine, not a good average by anyone’s standards.


The reality of being disabled

I don’t go on about being disabled; my condition is caused by a genetic flaw, and there is nothing I can do about it. Within the next year, I shall be in a wheelchair.

Me, at Frenchay Hospital, Bristol- June 2011

I’m not complaining, after all the injury that caused my left tendon to tear was done over 40 years ago when I was in the Royal Air Force. I have had a reasonably good life since then and seen many things I thought I’d never see.

Because of my bad genetics certain parts of my life have been denied me. I can not go for the walks I once enjoyed, even short walks tire me quickly. I don’t hide the fact that I wear a leg brace – I wish I didn’t need it – but it’s part of my life and until two weeks ago I never considered myself a public health risk.

Like many fellow sufferers, living with the thought of a wheelchair is a reality not a cheap and tasteless publicity stunt, Kylie Jenner.

Even if we are in wheelchairs, that doesn’t mean we can’t be seen as attractive to the opposite sex. If all you see is our disability, then YOU are the person with the disability, not us.

I looked at your photos, and my first thought was not about the wheelchair or the sexuality of the pose. My first thought was about the model. My first thought was that you were a mannequin, not a person. The expression on your face was so lacking appeal, I have seen sexier plastic dolls.

My travels

If you have wondered where my stories come from, many come from my travels and places I wished to visit. Now, I can only travel in my mind. I have many pleasant memories of my days as a traveler, and I did get to fulfil one more thing on my bucket list, I don’t require large sums of money to enjoy myslef, I am a man of simple pleasures.

Heroes don’t always have super powers


RNLI rescue in the 1970’s

My story Lifeboat heroes may be fictional, but it’s based on events from my family history. My Uncle Len is the man who boarded the stricken ship, and my late is the man who got injured on the dockside at the beginning of the story. This story starts in Poland, but the events occured in Yorkshire.

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