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The Ardennes campaign

Many people are eager to hurl abuse at the US for going to war, but if you stop and look at the history behind the reason, most of the time it has been to cover up for a mess left by the French.

A case in mind is the Ardennes campaign that started yesterday, in 1944. The US forces had to mobilize in what become known as “The Battle of the Bulge” because the French said the Germans couldn’t drive tanks through the forests – tell that to the 90,000 US soldiers who lost their lives, and the families who still grieve.



Patti is going on terminal leave

Patti cover

It is with a sad heart that I bid Ms Pat Canella a farewell. Like Mark Johnson, she was one of my favourite characters to write. Despite the books being recommended by an Australian policeman for their genuine feel, the series never sold and is now destined for the tip 😦

Obama speech

#ObamaSpeech #ISIL #terrorism

The best way to defeat ISIL isn’t with an armed forces invasion. Like most terrorist groups, they depend on the support from locals, the best way to beat them is to send in troops under cover.

We hear a lot about how big Islam is compared to how small the % of them are terrorists are. If that is the case, why don’t the Muslims, who don’t support ISIL eradicate the group. Oh yeah, that would mean the Muslims would be required to take action; instead of depending on the West – who they openly despise.

After passing out day

We had the same issue in Ireland, apparently most of the Irish didn’t support the IRA but nobody was willing to fight them – they hid them and by doing this the IRA gained another foothold.



My e-book Sexual Explosions is about the relationship between two mature lovers, while it is erotic in parts, the story is a romance, not erotica.

Sexual Explosions

In the story, the writer describes a crime at a museum that he witnessed. The crime did take place, I know because I am the person who reported the crime.

The crime was never cleared up because the Freemasons hid the evidence to protect the guilty. In this day and age, although they do a lot of good, the Freemasons still hold a lot of power.



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