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Happy Christmas

The BIG 600

600Yes, finally my series Forgestriker makes the grade with its 600th e-book sale, in less than two years.

I’ll never know who, or where you are, but I thank you for all your help in the great success of the series. If you want to help a little more, a few kind words on the pages can boost sales.



The Ardennes campaign

Many people are eager to hurl abuse at the US for going to war, but if you stop and look at the history behind the reason, most of the time it has been to cover up for a mess left by the French.

A case in mind is the Ardennes campaign that started yesterday, in 1944. The US forces had to mobilize in what become known as “The Battle of the Bulge” because the French said the Germans couldn’t drive tanks through the forests – tell that to the 90,000 US soldiers who lost their lives, and the families who still grieve.


Blonde moment

Fringe writer

As a fellow writer, I know the problems of keeping stories going. I used to write an online series a few years ago.

However, in one episode of #Fringe, there was what I can only class as a “Blonde moment” for the writer.

Olivia is in a theatre and is talking with an observer when he says “I have seen all possibilities, and in all of them you need to die.”


Let’s evaluate what was said

She works for the F.B.I. that means she has undergone intense scrutiny of her mentality. She works for a branch that deals with strange happenings, and she is a person.

I think it is 100% certain, she had already worked out that she was going to die.


Zombies are here

Where are they now?

The big hoax

Three years ago, there was the largest publicity stunt in living memory – an ironic phrase.


Writers from everywhere were writing about the end of the world, the Mayan Calender stone and a zombie apocalypse – here we are three years on and still rolling.

What happened to all the writers who made a mint that year?
They’re no better off than me, one reason I never follow a trend.

Book cover image

Nobody sent me money when the panic was on about the end of the world -three years ago. It’s coming to the end of 2015, and we’ve moved on I guess all those rich folk from 2012 are looking for the next cash cow to milk.

Writing contest

I don’t enter many contests, but I was invited to enter this one on Books go Social, the prize is $300 which will come in useful to buy some covers, so my books sell better.


All you that you need to do is log on to the site and click the heart and the arrow over the number, any help is welcome, thank you.

A Sailor's Love

The Get it button goes to the book on

The right choice

#amwriting #selfpub

In the last two years, I have constantly tried to second guess myself about a decision I made to turn down a contract to write for Horny Devil. I had many reasons running through my mind, not the least is I didn’t like their tenant where anything legal is good – I have boundaries and won’t cross them.

Sexual Explosions

Another reason is my friend Yezall says she made more from selling her work than she did from their sales, and she’s a good writer.

Why I know it was the right decision is because I checked the site today, despite access to the front page, there are no links to any section. Whether they were closed for practices considered highly dubious or because writers gave up on them is open to debate.

Better than Amazon

@Amazon @Draft2Digital #amwriting #indie

I admit to being biased to Draft2Digital, but in all fairness they are far Better than Amazon, not only for service but for my sales. I sell more even on a bad month on Draft2Digital than I do in a year on Amazon.

Amazon’s problem for writers is that the site is too large.

FREE samples

From time to time, you can get a sample of a new book I’m working on, on this page


Ashton Gate, Bristol, 1984


Men of God

I didn’t realise the date was this recent, I thought I saw the Reverend in 1974 at Ashton Gate, in Bristol. Although the sermon didn’t radically change my life, it did calm my mind a little.

I can remember standing with my late father among the packed stadium, there was no room left to move as the 25,000 capacity was overflowing. British Rail put on special coaches to bring people from as far away as Exeter and Plymouth. Coaches filled the car park that usually housed soccer fans, it was truly a momentous occasion.

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