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Percy Fawcett

One of the great mysteries of the late 1920’s is the disappearance in the Amazon jungle of Sir Percy Fawcett. My book Did we see him? is a fictional story based on the most popular theories of the time.


Coming soon

I have plans to do a sequel called Did we see them? This has been in the WIP stage for some while, as I thought there would be no interest in my story – a Did we see themcommon flaw.


I’m writing a story (not a sequel) on the further adventures of Charles Palmerston called Akuji that will be set in Africa.


Blonde moment

Fringe writer

As a fellow writer, I know the problems of keeping stories going. I used to write an online series a few years ago.

However, in one episode of #Fringe, there was what I can only class as a “Blonde moment” for the writer.

Olivia is in a theatre and is talking with an observer when he says “I have seen all possibilities, and in all of them you need to die.”


Let’s evaluate what was said

She works for the F.B.I. that means she has undergone intense scrutiny of her mentality. She works for a branch that deals with strange happenings, and she is a person.

I think it is 100% certain, she had already worked out that she was going to die.


Writing contest

I don’t enter many contests, but I was invited to enter this one on Books go Social, the prize is $300 which will come in useful to buy some covers, so my books sell better.


All you that you need to do is log on to the site and click the heart and the arrow over the number, any help is welcome, thank you.

A Sailor's Love

The Get it button goes to the book on

The right choice

#amwriting #selfpub

In the last two years, I have constantly tried to second guess myself about a decision I made to turn down a contract to write for Horny Devil. I had many reasons running through my mind, not the least is I didn’t like their tenant where anything legal is good – I have boundaries and won’t cross them.

Sexual Explosions

Another reason is my friend Yezall says she made more from selling her work than she did from their sales, and she’s a good writer.

Why I know it was the right decision is because I checked the site today, despite access to the front page, there are no links to any section. Whether they were closed for practices considered highly dubious or because writers gave up on them is open to debate.

Patti is going on terminal leave

Patti cover

It is with a sad heart that I bid Ms Pat Canella a farewell. Like Mark Johnson, she was one of my favourite characters to write. Despite the books being recommended by an Australian policeman for their genuine feel, the series never sold and is now destined for the tip 😦


My e-book Sexual Explosions is about the relationship between two mature lovers, while it is erotic in parts, the story is a romance, not erotica.

Sexual Explosions

In the story, the writer describes a crime at a museum that he witnessed. The crime did take place, I know because I am the person who reported the crime.

The crime was never cleared up because the Freemasons hid the evidence to protect the guilty. In this day and age, although they do a lot of good, the Freemasons still hold a lot of power.



Kylie Jenner

The latest publicity stunt by Kylie Jenner reminded that less than 20 years ago a film called Crashwas banned for showing people with disabilities in a bad way.

The film by David Kronenberg starred a young lady called Roseanne Arquette, who later gained fame in the tv series Medium. After a little research on the life of the lady in question, it turned out she was at best of little help to the police, and at worst a charlatan.

There is no mystery here – the rule of thumb applies – if you’re a celeb you can poke fun at people less fortunate than you.


To some of my friends, I am a bestselling Sci-Fi writer, but I’m not in my eyes. Even if I was, my credo is “There but for the grace of God, go I!.”


Kill All Zombies TV

If you don’t know my work, you will not realise I wrote only one e-book about zombies, this was a personal challenge as much it was for a sales venture.

images (1)

The mystery was two-fold: – one aspect was would I be able to write the story in a genre that I had no interest in reading. Unlike many writers, I avoid writing for trends – I know this kills my sales opportunities – I want to be known for my work, not for copying a trend.

The second aspect was to see if any book with the “Z” word in could sell. My book has taken its time, but it has started to make some sales.

The story has a mysterious ending because I planned a sequel, but the sales never gave me encouragement to do another Carol Caitlin story.




Them that ask no questions isn’t told any lies

The quote is from Rudyard Kipling’s “A Smuggler’s Song.”
I’m passed caring
I’ve heard it before
 Over my time on line I’ve read the same comments, and had the same feedback so often- I no longer put any meaning to the words. I’m talking about people who say I must look your stories up, or Where can I buy your books? 
 In the beginning, I used to get excited when people said that to me, now, after four years of reading the same thing, and getting no sales- I don’t take any more notice of it than you do of my posts.
Is it a joke, do they get off on trying to excite me for no reason? Who can tell? I don’t care anymore.
 I keep getting invited to link up with people’s internet connections, quite frankly if my countless Twitter followers do nothing for me, what do you think joining your Facebook, Instagram, or whatever other web feature you’re on is going to do. Yes- I have no faith in the internet beyond contact with a few close friends, and the sales of my books on 
Crowd sourcing
 In the last year I have been approached by many firms purporting to wanting to promote my books, most are at best money pits, and at worst scams. The idea of crowd sourcing is the author gets people to donate $1 to his fund, then at a certain level of interest – usually $1,000 – the firm will pitch in to promote your work. At this point, the firm has done nothing. From here on, the writer is at the mercy of the promoter, true, they have the contacts, but surely the writer knows more about his/her work than any firm.
If the book succeeds, the business takes the credit and glory. If the book bombs, the company loses nothing, and the writer has to repay the money lent. How does that work for you? For me, it stinks. You can read my article for here
Indie Author
The firms which contacted me? None had anything to contribute to my success. I am, and always will be an Indie Author. Not having the funds will mean I will struggle to sell, but at least I can control the significant aspects of my work. I have read many horrific reports of good books being ruined by either bad covers forced on the writer, over pricing by the publishers killing sales, or plain bad promoting. All this reinforces my belief that the best thing for my work is for me to remain Independent.
One of the firms which “offered help,” was in the USA. They said they would run TV promotions, book tours, and assorted promotions for me. I wondered what possible value I could see in this development? I write mainly Science Fiction, Spiritual stories, and occasionally autobiographic stories. The firm was into promoting good will for teenagers.The cost was $1,750 up front, that is before I get to the USA, add to that my travel/ living expenses while I’m there, and how do you expect me to break even?
 It is a heartbreaking, and usually thankless vocation being a writer. People talk about getting reviews, of the over 400 e-books I’ve sold in the four years I’ve been on line. If I got a dozen comments, I exaggerate. To give you an idea of my work here is another post

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