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The Ardennes campaign

Many people are eager to hurl abuse at the US for going to war, but if you stop and look at the history behind the reason, most of the time it has been to cover up for a mess left by the French.

A case in mind is the Ardennes campaign that started yesterday, in 1944. The US forces had to mobilize in what become known as “The Battle of the Bulge” because the French said the Germans couldn’t drive tanks through the forests – tell that to the 90,000 US soldiers who lost their lives, and the families who still grieve.



Percy Fawcett

One of the great mysteries of the late 1920’s is the disappearance in the Amazon jungle of Sir Percy Fawcett. My book Did we see him? is a fictional story based on the most popular theories of the time.


Coming soon

I have plans to do a sequel called Did we see them? This has been in the WIP stage for some while, as I thought there would be no interest in my story – a Did we see themcommon flaw.


I’m writing a story (not a sequel) on the further adventures of Charles Palmerston called Akuji that will be set in Africa.

Ashton Gate, Bristol, 1984


Men of God

I didn’t realise the date was this recent, I thought I saw the Reverend in 1974 at Ashton Gate, in Bristol. Although the sermon didn’t radically change my life, it did calm my mind a little.

I can remember standing with my late father among the packed stadium, there was no room left to move as the 25,000 capacity was overflowing. British Rail put on special coaches to bring people from as far away as Exeter and Plymouth. Coaches filled the car park that usually housed soccer fans, it was truly a momentous occasion.

Obama speech

#ObamaSpeech #ISIL #terrorism

The best way to defeat ISIL isn’t with an armed forces invasion. Like most terrorist groups, they depend on the support from locals, the best way to beat them is to send in troops under cover.

We hear a lot about how big Islam is compared to how small the % of them are terrorists are. If that is the case, why don’t the Muslims, who don’t support ISIL eradicate the group. Oh yeah, that would mean the Muslims would be required to take action; instead of depending on the West – who they openly despise.

After passing out day

We had the same issue in Ireland, apparently most of the Irish didn’t support the IRA but nobody was willing to fight them – they hid them and by doing this the IRA gained another foothold.


My travels

If you have wondered where my stories come from, many come from my travels and places I wished to visit. Now, I can only travel in my mind. I have many pleasant memories of my days as a traveler, and I did get to fulfil one more thing on my bucket list, I don’t require large sums of money to enjoy myslef, I am a man of simple pleasures.

Heroes don’t always have super powers


RNLI rescue in the 1970’s

My story Lifeboat heroes may be fictional, but it’s based on events from my family history. My Uncle Len is the man who boarded the stricken ship, and my late is the man who got injured on the dockside at the beginning of the story. This story starts in Poland, but the events occured in Yorkshire.

Life’s mysteries



Janey Kirk 

The lady at the top of the article is my friend, the beautiful Scottish singer, Janey Kirk. Janey comes from Fife, in Scotland and the strange thing is that during my days at RAF Lossiemouth, near Elgin, in Scotland. I must have passed her area at least three times a year coming to my parent’s house in Clevedon.

During my stay in Scotland many things happened and one mystery I never solved was about the parcel I got from RAF Cottesmore

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