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Writing fantasy

My #Christmas just got better with the offer of a real job as a ghostwriter.

A lot of people are dubious about being a ghostwriter, but my view is I’ll get paid even if the book doesn’t do well, and I am trying to get in the Association of ghostwriters, and I need two people to vouch for my work.

This is the comment from my client about Sons of Baal, book 1 in my Science Fiction series – Thank you for bidding on my project. I have read some of your book and I like your style!

I am known for #scifi, but years ago, my book To Elfenmere got praised by a lady with a BA in Medieval Studies Book Cover 3


Happy Christmas

The BIG 600

600Yes, finally my series Forgestriker makes the grade with its 600th e-book sale, in less than two years.

I’ll never know who, or where you are, but I thank you for all your help in the great success of the series. If you want to help a little more, a few kind words on the pages can boost sales.


Percy Fawcett

One of the great mysteries of the late 1920’s is the disappearance in the Amazon jungle of Sir Percy Fawcett. My book Did we see him? is a fictional story based on the most popular theories of the time.


Coming soon

I have plans to do a sequel called Did we see them? This has been in the WIP stage for some while, as I thought there would be no interest in my story – a Did we see themcommon flaw.


I’m writing a story (not a sequel) on the further adventures of Charles Palmerston called Akuji that will be set in Africa.

Blonde moment

Fringe writer

As a fellow writer, I know the problems of keeping stories going. I used to write an online series a few years ago.

However, in one episode of #Fringe, there was what I can only class as a “Blonde moment” for the writer.

Olivia is in a theatre and is talking with an observer when he says “I have seen all possibilities, and in all of them you need to die.”


Let’s evaluate what was said

She works for the F.B.I. that means she has undergone intense scrutiny of her mentality. She works for a branch that deals with strange happenings, and she is a person.

I think it is 100% certain, she had already worked out that she was going to die.


Forgestriker – the hit series


If you enjoyed the series Fireflyand who didn’t?  You’ll enjoy my hit series Forgestriker, it is so popular that in under two years the seven book series is one sale short of selling 600 e-books on Barnes & Noble.



Further adventures

I did plan to write another series about Forgestriker, but as the later books in the series didn’t sell well I put the idea out of my mind.

Writing contest

I don’t enter many contests, but I was invited to enter this one on Books go Social, the prize is $300 which will come in useful to buy some covers, so my books sell better.


All you that you need to do is log on to the site and click the heart and the arrow over the number, any help is welcome, thank you.

A Sailor's Love

The Get it button goes to the book on

The right choice

#amwriting #selfpub

In the last two years, I have constantly tried to second guess myself about a decision I made to turn down a contract to write for Horny Devil. I had many reasons running through my mind, not the least is I didn’t like their tenant where anything legal is good – I have boundaries and won’t cross them.

Sexual Explosions

Another reason is my friend Yezall says she made more from selling her work than she did from their sales, and she’s a good writer.

Why I know it was the right decision is because I checked the site today, despite access to the front page, there are no links to any section. Whether they were closed for practices considered highly dubious or because writers gave up on them is open to debate.

Better than Amazon

@Amazon @Draft2Digital #amwriting #indie

I admit to being biased to Draft2Digital, but in all fairness they are far Better than Amazon, not only for service but for my sales. I sell more even on a bad month on Draft2Digital than I do in a year on Amazon.

Amazon’s problem for writers is that the site is too large.

Dark Fantasy

#selfpub @publishing #Denver #amediting #amwriting

Self Publishing

There is no disgrace in being self-published – many major writers are turning to SP – one of the advantages is you cut the middle man out, and take a larger portion of your earnings.

My dream was to have a book on a shelf in our local bookstore and to be published a publishing house. To this end, I have contacted various minor US publishers about the possibility of publishing my award-winning e-book Chronicles of Mark Johnson. All to no avail. 


The only person interested was the Vancouver-based Abandoned Towers, who in 2012 agreed to publish the stories online. I was asked to edit the files and then they’d be accepted, in a serious error of judgement, I sent the files to somebody I thought was helping me – she did nothing and I sent back the same files I had returned to me. I lost my only chance of publication through someone else’s jealousy.

Ghost Pines Publishing

My latest venture into the unknown is to send a query letter to Ghost Pines Publishing House, a few miles south of DenverColorado. I may hear from them by the end of January, but I expect another rejection slip. I’d be more surprised to be accepted.

Chronicles of Mark Johnson

Both of the Mark Johnson stories will be unavailable after today. I checked the files last night and with my growing ability as a writer/editor I found errors that needed attention, but as the books never sold it will be easier to discard them for all time.

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