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Better than Amazon

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I admit to being biased to Draft2Digital, but in all fairness they are far Better than Amazon, not only for service but for my sales. I sell more even on a bad month on Draft2Digital than I do in a year on Amazon.

Amazon’s problem for writers is that the site is too large.


FREE samples

From time to time, you can get a sample of a new book I’m working on, on this page


Ashton Gate, Bristol, 1984


Men of God

I didn’t realise the date was this recent, I thought I saw the Reverend in 1974 at Ashton Gate, in Bristol. Although the sermon didn’t radically change my life, it did calm my mind a little.

I can remember standing with my late father among the packed stadium, there was no room left to move as the 25,000 capacity was overflowing. British Rail put on special coaches to bring people from as far away as Exeter and Plymouth. Coaches filled the car park that usually housed soccer fans, it was truly a momentous occasion.

Patti is going on terminal leave

Patti cover

It is with a sad heart that I bid Ms Pat Canella a farewell. Like Mark Johnson, she was one of my favourite characters to write. Despite the books being recommended by an Australian policeman for their genuine feel, the series never sold and is now destined for the tip 😦

Dark Fantasy

Source: Dark Fantasy

Dark Fantasy

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Self Publishing

There is no disgrace in being self-published – many major writers are turning to SP – one of the advantages is you cut the middle man out, and take a larger portion of your earnings.

My dream was to have a book on a shelf in our local bookstore and to be published a publishing house. To this end, I have contacted various minor US publishers about the possibility of publishing my award-winning e-book Chronicles of Mark Johnson. All to no avail. 


The only person interested was the Vancouver-based Abandoned Towers, who in 2012 agreed to publish the stories online. I was asked to edit the files and then they’d be accepted, in a serious error of judgement, I sent the files to somebody I thought was helping me – she did nothing and I sent back the same files I had returned to me. I lost my only chance of publication through someone else’s jealousy.

Ghost Pines Publishing

My latest venture into the unknown is to send a query letter to Ghost Pines Publishing House, a few miles south of DenverColorado. I may hear from them by the end of January, but I expect another rejection slip. I’d be more surprised to be accepted.

Chronicles of Mark Johnson

Both of the Mark Johnson stories will be unavailable after today. I checked the files last night and with my growing ability as a writer/editor I found errors that needed attention, but as the books never sold it will be easier to discard them for all time.


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Last night, I may only have sold two e-books in my series  Forgestriker but those two sales were more than I sold in three months on Amazon.

There is no doubt in my mind without the help from Draft2Digital in selling my books, I would not still be writing.

Obama speech

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The best way to defeat ISIL isn’t with an armed forces invasion. Like most terrorist groups, they depend on the support from locals, the best way to beat them is to send in troops under cover.

We hear a lot about how big Islam is compared to how small the % of them are terrorists are. If that is the case, why don’t the Muslims, who don’t support ISIL eradicate the group. Oh yeah, that would mean the Muslims would be required to take action; instead of depending on the West – who they openly despise.

After passing out day

We had the same issue in Ireland, apparently most of the Irish didn’t support the IRA but nobody was willing to fight them – they hid them and by doing this the IRA gained another foothold.


Ten for the big 6

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Last night’s sales of two of the lesser bought books in the Forgestriker series brought as much pleasure as the fact that the series has now passed $250 in sales, and is only ten sales from 600.

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