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A new philosophy

In the past, my philosophy was not to write about something that might damage my reputation as an award-winning writer, this meant turning down lucrative work writing reviews for things I hadn’t used or places I hadn’t visited.

I came to the conclusion that many online writing jobs are either scams or work worthy of my time and talent as a writer. However, the time has come to throw my talent out and try to get some money from writing.

My code of ethics wouldn’t allow me to lie to earn money, at the end of the day I need to look in the mirror and live with the knowledge I earned my wages.


All that is changing – my moral code has had me turn down a contract, and I think that will be the only offer I’ll get.

Last year, I turned down an offer from a lawyer in California to write false reviews. I’ve been offered work by many Asian to write items ranging from sex stories to articles about online gambling.

I decided next year to throw my ethics to the wind. I have never used sexual imagery to sell my e-books but next year I will be doing this.

One of the major issues I had to contend with is could I live with myself after doing these things until now the answer to the question is no. Next year, I won’t worry about that, all I’ll think about is the money in my pocket. The reason for the change is that I can earn three months wages with one article – I may be considered a bestseller by my friends, but all I earn is the pitiful sum of $7 a month (on a good month) with my writing at the moment.

Tarnished reputation

I used to be worried about my reputation and the harm writing these falsehoods could do to my work, but let’s be honest, I don’t have a reputation to get tarnished. I have one selling book out of forty-nine, not a good average by anyone’s standards.